My name is Brhyan Smith,

this is CHUMPWEAR,

The Anti-Bullying Brand.


The Anti-Bullying movement creatively driven by diversity, inclusion, empowerment and kindness. I created this brand when my niece was being bullied at school. She was excluded from her group of “friends” because she didn’t have an iPhone! They called her a CHUMP, and the situation really brought her down.


Change How U Measure People

CHUMP became the profound acronym that changed Jhamara’s life forever.

Instead of being brought down by the outdated insult, she used it as her power to overcome!

CHUMP reads the same right side up, or upside down.

People will try to find a way to turn your life upside down sometimes. But it’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to!



We believe in inclusion. To our knowledge, everyone we have ever met is human. This is our greatest commonality, and too often overlooked in todays society. We face adversity every day, but we know that with a strong network of friends, you can overcome anything that's thrown your way. Once you purchase CHUMPWEAR product, you’ve elected yourself an AMBASSADOR OF INCLUSION. When you’re out and about, you’re on the lookout for how you can be more inclusive to those around you. You seek every opportunity to Change How U Measure People and treat everyone equally.


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